Grass Mats


Our grass mats will be available in standard sizes and sewn around the entire mat with solid brass grommets placed in all four corners and along the edges, or if you prefer, buy the fabric and just lay it on the ground.  This fabric does not need hemmed, it is all AMERICAN MADE!  Our color selections will change by the day, hour, and truckload - DO NOT expect the same colors to be readily available.  Please call for current available colors.
                                           STANDARD SIZES PRE-MADE (when available)
96" widths only when available.  Our grass mats are 96" in width before hems.  There will be grommets placed appropriately around the entire mat. 
We also have RAW fabric which is not sewn in 72", 96" & SOME 120" widths, that means fabric only no sewing - no hemming - what we call CHOP N DROP.  You do the work - we cut the fabric.

15 x 8
12 x 8
20 x 8
18 x 8